Clint Overland is a violence professional, instructor, jail guard, and minister. Clint has a serious criminal past, and bounced 27 years in the roughest 1% biker bars across Texas. Because of his past, Clint is able to communicate the reality of violence, criminals, and dealing with the aftermath of violence. Clint's vision is to help his students be better able to protect themselves, and help others.
Edwin Voskamp is a systems designer and 40+ year martial arts instructor. Edwin has had a misspent youth and a reputedly shadowy past that let him pressure test his lifelong love of knives and the Indonesian martial arts he learned as a kid. Because of his experience and profession, Edwin is able to explain how and why violence happens and help his students use what they know more effectively and efficiently to be safer.
Terry Trahan is a violence professional, instructor and author. Having overcome poverty, homelessness, a serious criminal past, and addiction to create a better life for himself and his family., Terry is able to communicate the reality of violence and offer solutions that are useful and applicable to the real situations of students. His vision is to help students grow stronger, learn to manage their safety and help them build a better life for themselves.