What will I learn if I come to a MoM seminar?

We don’t have a clue! Why do we say that? Because we don’t know what you already know, what resources you already have and what preconceived ways you already think. What we present is the culmination of over 100 years of combined knowledge earned through bad situations and bad choices that the three of us have survived. What we aim to have you learn is a way of thinking that can save your life. We help protect you in the following ways:


If violence happens, it happens sudden and closer, faster, and more forceful than you’ve ever encountered before. You’ll be in shock, possibly frozen, and overwhelmed, while under assault.


You need a laywer, one who understands the realities of self-defense and how to protect you, from the criminal prosecution and the civil lawsuit.


The aftermath of a violent assault is costly: bail, lawyers, time off from work to meet with lawyers, the court case(s). You may lose your job or livelihood.


Using violence changes your life, and your self. What you did to protect yourself, your loved ones, or others, is a change. How you see yourself, how others see you, changes you further.

Welcome to MoM (Masters of Mayhem). This site is dedicated to the seminars, private classes, and online classes we teach. For questions, please use the Contact form.

Masters of Mayhem

  • Who. You get all three MoMs – Terry Trahan, Clint Overland, and Edwin Voskamp, the “Terror Trio” – for two full days on a full-spectrum seminar on how to be safer and better protect your self and your loved ones, from the physical, legal, and financial consequences of violent assaults.
  • What. MoM seminars take the form of individual workshops, with a break between each block. These are typically taught by one of the instructors, with input and co-teaching during the session from the other two. Each day we begin and close the day with time for questions and discussion of the topics taught. Please bring notebook, pens, snacks, water (there are food options nearby), any personal safety gear and training gear that matches your Every Day Carry.
  • Why. We train for that which you cannot deescalate, the ambush. We train to go home, or to be the one to act so those we love can go home.
  • Where and When. We typically teach in Q1 and Q3 in Washington and Texas and in the summer in Colorado.

Sign Up: The seminar is designed to cover two days, alternating between physical segments and talks, separated by breaks. There are a number of talks and physical aspects we will cover, but we adjust based on attendees’ interest and response. The one day option is for people that simply can’t make both days: it is better than not attending, but you do not get all the material you’d get when attending both days.

Who, what are the Masters of Mayhem?

Masters of Mayhem is a few things.

It is a name that was given to a group of three guys by a distinguished group. Those three, Clint Overland, Edwin Voskamp, and Terry Trahan are a Band of Brothers that have lived through interesting lives and have learned from their lessons, and further, have shared their experiences in order to help others survive.

It is also a group of like-minded people that have banded together to encourage, help, and listen to each other to get through life's problems and encourage each other in helping and making life better around them. We also give each other pointers on mastering life's mayhem, whether it is fighting, family matters, or how to get cheap groceries. Life is better when we band together and share wisdom.

MoM is also a seminar vehicle for self-defense, fighting, weapons use, and things you won't find elsewhere, like choosing a bail bondsman, lawyer, or the context of different types of violence.

So, we are a multi-purpose group here to help as we can, provide support, and share our experiences and have a good time.